Tangkasnet – A Fun Party Game That Everyone Can Play

Tangkasnet is a massive, giant spinning ring with a net, that will catch anyone who steps on it. It was first shown on the national network television show “Today” in 1996.

Tangkasnet is a fun party game for any occasion. It is a fun and easy family game that everyone can play. Tangkasnet is played by placing the Tangkasnet ring, about four feet in diameter, at different places around your backyard or yard.

When people are playing Tangkasnet, the Tangkasnet ring can be used as a spotlight. To be successful, each time someone steps on the ring, they need to step carefully on the net, rather than bumping into the ring. If people are careful and cautious in stepping on the ring, it will not hurt them at all. If they bump into the ring, they will hurt themselves in the process.

For safety reasons, only adults should be allowed to use the Tangkasnet ring. While playing the game, the ring needs to be kept under direct supervision of an adult. Any children under 12 years old must not play Tangkasnet. The ring must be kept under control at all times.

There are several different ways that Tangkasnet can be played. First, the ring is placed in a group of trees, and people play the game by placing small balls onto the ring. When people step on the ring, they must step carefully on the net. If they bump into the ring, they will hurt themselves in the process.Chick here for more details about tangkas

Tangkasnet can also be played at children’s party. If children are invited to a party at their friend’s house, they can play Tangkasnet. They may be asked to sit in a circle, and start playing the game when they walk through the circle. Tangkasnet is also fun at any birthday or anniversary party.

Online Tangkasnet sites contain some great information about the game. Tangkasnet parties are always a hit and are guaranteed to bring the children in for hours of fun and excitement. Tangkasnet can even be played with a group of friends.

Tangkasnet is a great game to play at any age group. There is no age limit, and everyone who plays will have a blast. Tangkasnet is a fun way to pass the time, and kids will love to participate in the game.