Have Yourself a Dream Book

People should be big on dreams, the way I am. Then again, maybe a lot of people have dreams and personal goals too and don’t know where to start moving forward. Every one of us should live every single day as if it’s our last. Imagine that we are being handed each second that we are allowed to be alive, one second at a time. You’ll never know when the ‘maker’ decides to say, “Hey, you know. I’ve given you a lot of seconds to live already. What have you been doing with all those seconds I gave you? Maybe it’s time to stop”.

“The great and glorious masterpiece of man is to know how to live to purpose” – Michel de Montaigne.

First of all, if you want to reach your goals or dreams, here’s what you have to do. The first thing you need is a journal…now, this is not just any journal where you gripe about the horrible traffic conditions or the harassing landlord. This is a journal filled with all your goals and plans on how to reach your dream. I was in network marketing for a while a couple of years back and although it never worked for me (time-wise), I learned something from the experience.

They call it the DREAM BOOK. This dream book is not filled with just words but with pictures as well.

The people encouraged me to dig into magazines and cut out and paste in pictures related to my dreams. Then I would draw a timeline that said ‘start’ and then an ‘end’. Every day, in the evening, when I have done with all that rushing about, I would open the dream book and look at the timeline. I would ask myself, “What have I done today that could have contributed to this journey? Have I moved along the timeline today?” If I had, I would take one of my kids’ colour pencils and colour in along the line to indicate that I have, indeed, moved forward that day.

Although I am no longer working on the network marketing business, I admire how driven these people are. Every one of them has their dream book buku mimpi 2d and inside of those pages, different things are pasted into them. And yet, they’re single-minded about their business and their purpose in life. A better future.

I wish I could understand and connect with people who don’t have dreams. I know slowing down is good – Heaven knows I should know this rule to life by now, but even in slow-down moments, one should always remember that we have an ultimate goal…or goals. Not a single second of our lives should be wasted on nothingness except for when we’re done with working. But when we are working, we should march energetically in that direction knowing that if we persist, we will reach the ultimate goal soon enough.