A Fairytale Tour of Kassel, Germany

As Kassel, Germany is a town with a high-tech background. But that does not mean that it does not have anything old-fashioned about it. Kassel, Germany is well known for its fairytale theme and if you want to experience the real magic of the stories that can be found there, you may want to visit the Diamonds Kassel.

Located in Kassel, Germany, this castle is the main attraction and is a must see. You will find it situated on the top floor of a beautiful mansion and is the place where King Canute, the first King of the Vikings ruled over. The story goes that when King Canute came to the throne he had a son called Harald, who was not quite happy with the situation. He was always looking for some adventure and he asked his father to give him permission to sail away with his sister.

So Canute gave permission but when he went to the ocean he found that the sea was flooded. He and his sister died and their remains were thrown into the sea. When the waters receded, a prince who lived on a small island found their body. He buried them along with a ring that his sister, Queen Gothel, was said to wear. This legend became the basis for the fairytale that the Diamonds Kassel is famous for.

The place where Canute, the first king of the Vikings settled in Kassel, was named “Bishop’s Hill.” This was to indicate that it is an official site where people from the Catholic Church gather to celebrate special occasions and ceremonies. There are many beautiful buildings located here and the town is known for its medieval architecture. The old castles of Kassel are a sight to behold and you will find that they still stand tall and beautiful even today.

When it comes to finding the Diamonds Kassel, Germany is well known for its fairytale theme. But not all fairytales involve death and darkness. There are many that are full of magic and wonder. If you have decided to visit this place, make sure that you plan a trip to the Diamonds Kassel because this will be an experience that you will always remember for the rest of your life.

In addition to being known for its fairy tale theme, Kassel is also known for its beautiful history and monuments. The town was once a major German city. The old church and town hall are a sight to behold and a visit to the Diamonds Kassel will make this place unforgettable for you and your loved ones.Click here for more details about Dimanten Kassel